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What is MeetHook?
MeetHook is a platform where Users benefit from the access of having a 1 one 1 video call with a professional of their choice. Our mission is to create potential life changing experiences connecting people who may otherwise never have the chance to meet. MeetHook supports two parties; Users and Hosts: Users of MeetHook pay per minute to have a personal video call with a professional. Hosts of MeetHook earn money on their own time by offering their skills and sharing their experiences, and have the option to donate a portion of their earnings to charitable organizations.
Where can I get MeetHook?
MeetHook is available on the world wide web or can be downloaded to a mobile device from the App Store or Google Play
How much does MeetHook cost?
It is absolutely FREE to download the app or signup for MeetHook. You only get charged if you book a video call and you will always see a breakdown before your card is charged.
Do I need any special equipment to use MeetHook?
All you need is a mobile device or computer with a strong cellular or wifi connection.
Will my Video Call take place on Zoom or Skype?
No, A MeetHook Session is like zoom or skype but it will take place on MeetHook's integrated premium real-time HD video call technology.
Who are some of the people I can book a video call with?
MeetHook Hosts represent a wide variety of Professionals in Music, Entertainment, Sports and Business. The roster continues to grow every day. Some of our popular Hosts are Bruce Kulick from Kiss, Eric Bobo from the Beastie Boys and Cypress Hill, Rich Redmond from Jason Aldean, Funk Legend Bootsy Collins, among many other recognizable names.
How do I book a video call?
You must first have a MeetHook user profile, sign up using the button above or below. Once you have signed up and brought your profile to 100%, you just search for a Host by perusing the categories or searching their name or keywords associated with them, check their calendar, find a day and time that fits in your schedule, review charges and then purchase the session.
How do I join my MeetHook session?
Sign in, go to Sessions tab, click 'start session'.
What if my Host doesn't show for my booked session?
It is very rare that a Host doesn't show for a session, however if that happens we offer a 15 minute grace period just in case they are running late, if they don't show after 15 minutes you are automatically credited the total amount you were charged and you can use the credit to purchase another session.
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